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iHunt RPG

#iHunt Actual Play

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The Sponsored by Nobody channel has been playing a game of #iHunt, and they’ve been so kind as to share it on their channel. So you can listen to their play through to get an idea of how #iHunt works! They’ve uploaded it as a three-parter. If you want them in podcast audio format, you can download them all at Sponsored by Nobody’s podbean page. I also did a really… Read More »#iHunt Actual Play

#iHunt: Can I Play A Catgirl?

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Have you gotten your copy of #iHunt yet? #iHunt: The RPG by Machine Age Productions Okay this is a weird question, right? Or is it? I’ve now had a few people ask a variation on this question. “Olivia, can I play an anime catgirl in #iHunt?” To which the answer is… well it wasn’t designed with that in mind, but you totally can and the game supports it mechanically. This… Read More »#iHunt: Can I Play A Catgirl?

#iHunt and Bodies

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Have you gotten your copy of #iHunt yet? It’s currently the top of the charts in the physical games category on Itch. #iHunt: The RPG by Machine Age Productions It’s #1 in small press and #3 overall on DrivethruRPG. It’s even a Silver tier seller! I wanted to talk briefly about bodies, and representation. #iHunt is meant as a very inclusive game. That’s on the agenda from page one to… Read More »#iHunt and Bodies


It’s been a long, long path. But now, the #iHunt RPG is live for sale. It’s 328 pages of pure love. It has some new Lana fiction. It has a full rules system based on Fate Core. It has advice for how to run a game about poverty when you’ve never been poor. It’s got it all. You can buy #iHunt through You can also buy it at DrivethruRPG.… Read More »#iHunt: The RPG NOW LIVE FOR SALE!

#iHunt. Think Poor.

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#iHunt is a game about the working poor. I can’t expect everyone to understand the unique issues the working poor face, so here’s an example of the type of advice you’ll see in the book.

#iHunt: The Cover

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I wanted to share the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG.

#iHunt Character Creation Rules

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Have you seen the #iHunt scrapbook/selfie contest? You can enter EVERY DAY for a bigger chance to win a $25 gift card. I’ve had a few people ask about actually making characters for #iHunt. I’ve been talking a lot about the process, and the selfie system I posted yesterday is how you advance a character. But how do you actually make one? Look no further. You can actually make… Read More »#iHunt Character Creation Rules

The Trajectory of Humanity and Capitalist Realism: AKA, The #iHunt Core Rules

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First off: We’re on Patreon. Want more awesome design blogging like this? You should be on the Patreon. You’ll also get cool weird stuff every month. I’ve been play testing and fucking with the #iHunt rules. They were on their third major iteration. The first was a weird thing that I can barely remember. The second was closer to a traditional adventure game like D&D and World of Darkness. The… Read More »The Trajectory of Humanity and Capitalist Realism: AKA, The #iHunt Core Rules