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Dread Designs and Double Feature

We’ve launched not one but TWO amazing horror anthologies.

Dread Designs is a collection of ten amazing horror games.

  • Days of Harvest: A solo journaling game about a witch trying to survive a difficult winter, and you play by cleaning out your kitchen. 
  • Don’t Break the Caul: A hack of Evil Hat Productions’ Don’t Rest Your Head, about the experience of pregnancy.
  • Far Better: A slasher horror story in the vein of Carpenter classics. It’s brutal, quick, and weird. 
  • Fuck Armageddon: It’s the end of the world, and you’re a bunch of punks fighting off the apocalypse. 
  • Gentle Ladies’ Tea & Monster Destroying & Quilting Circle Auxiliary: This is a companion game to Fuck Armageddon. It’s the end of the world, but you’re proper ladies and the apocalypse is no excuse to be vulgar. 
  • Kicking Historical Asses: An homage to Army of Darkness and Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, you’re modern people out of your element during a battle for the souls of humanity. 
  • Martian Miscreants: You’re a captive radio station, and invading aliens have demanded you make a radio show for them. 
  • Memorial Ritual: Get your candles, and summon ghosts in this emotional, contemplative parlor game. 
  • Pointed Fingers: You’re in a village. Someone is a witch. You have to figure this out, and deal with what it means. 
  • Sinister Stories: A game set in the golden age of horror comics. It’s a game of dastardly devilish debauchery, where your flawed characters end up damned forever thanks to their sins. 

You can buy it digitally from and DrivethruRPG. Available soon in print from DrivethruRPG.

Double Feature features four complete horror roleplaying games, two “Features” and two “Shorts.” It’s drive-in creature feature cinema but for RPGs:

  • My Roommate, Valentía: First, a love letter to Guillermo del Toro with the short journalling game My Roommate, Valentía. You are a kid with a ghost friend, and the hauntingis the least of your problems.
  • Found Film: A Powered By the Apocalypse game called Found Film. Explore what a found-footage internet chaos fiction would look like made around a table instead of a Go Pro. 
  • Voice in the Static: One part road trip, one part David Lynch head-trip for two to four players. Get out the dominos, forget about the dice, and fix your heart or die (as Mr. Lynch suggests.)
  • The Airbnb from Hell: The Sam Raimiest Sam Raimi joint. It’s some kids in a car on the way to a cabin in the woods with some modern twists.

You can buy it digitally from and DrivethruRPG. Available soon in print from DrivethruRPG.