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Dia De Muertos Opening Fiction

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I think the opening fiction for our new zine, Dia De Muertos, is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Props to Filamena on that. So we’re sharing it here for everyone. If you like it, check it out on our Patreon, or on DrivethruRPG or Same Time Next Year By Filamena Young I’m on Rose and Baker in the Flip, I think. A little girl rushes past me.… Read More »Dia De Muertos Opening Fiction

#iHunt Shirts

I’ve had a few people request #iHunt RPG t-shirts. So, I thought I’d accommodate. As with all our t-shirt stuff, if you’d rather go through a local independent printer, reach out to us, and for a small Paypal tip, I’ll toss you the high-resolution design files. There’s a lot of options here, a lot of colors. I recommend going for the more neon colors, but it works on black, white,… Read More »#iHunt Shirts

#iHunt’s New Cover

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The other day I revealed the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG. So far, it’s getting a killer reception! I’m so glad you all like it. As I announced, I’m also updating all the old books to coincide with the RPG’s release, so they all look similar. I just got done updating the page for #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy, and I wanted to share it with… Read More »#iHunt’s New Cover

Genre and Game Systems: A Thought Experiment

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My last piece, “Only Bad Games Have ‘Crunch’ and ‘Fluff’” got some attention, and as I expected, I got a little pushback on a couple of issues. That’s kind of what I wanted to see. One of the points I keep hearing is that, in spite of my point, there ARE generic game systems. Game systems you can simply port onto a setting and , chameleon-like, they adapt to the… Read More »Genre and Game Systems: A Thought Experiment

Reaching Out: A San Jenaro Urban Folktale

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We have a new novel you should be reading! Let me tell you about Filamena’s new book, Reaching Out: Molly does good work. She grew up seeing ghosts and experiencing crippling empathy. So she does the good work of easing spirits and soothing broken families. But the good work doesn’t come easy, not in a dangerous, monster-filled city like San Jenaro.When her friends in the cemetary start going missing, and… Read More »Reaching Out: A San Jenaro Urban Folktale

This Island Ours: A Pay-What-You Want Game About Robots

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This Island Ours is a microgame about a crew of pilots and support staff for a Titan, a combat mobile suit, have crashed on an island and are now cut off from the rest of humanity. How do they cope? Do they scavenge together parts of their war machine to survive, or to escape?  You just need four 6-sided dice, some counters, and a bunch of post-it notes or index cards to… Read More »This Island Ours: A Pay-What-You Want Game About Robots

Fuck Ritual Magic

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This is a little bit art, a little bit fiction, a little bit shared-world building and a little bit game design. Have fun. More links to what this is all about as they become available.