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Character Kink 2: Evileenas

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The other day we shared the first of the four core book Kinks, the Knights. There’s a weird reason they’re called Knights. In fact, all four of the main Kinks have names with sort of weird backstories. I think that’s another blog post, though. The second Kink? They’re called Evileenas. I imagine you understand that they also have a very weird name origin. Anyway, where Knights fight with physical badassery,… Read More »Character Kink 2: Evileenas

What’s Your Kink, 1: The Knights

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We have character types, the way a lot of games do. We call them “Kinks.” You’ll understand that soon enough. But here’s the first sample Kink. They’re the Knights. It should more or less make sense how this works. There’s a bit where we provide three sample areas of expertise, the Operative, the Hitter, and the Player. Then we provide three sample character backgrounds. Then we talk about some of… Read More »What’s Your Kink, 1: The Knights

"What is midnight but another hour to make ends meet?"

Worldbuilding With Ads

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We’re discussing our weird little advertisement experiment for the #iHunt RPG, where we’re using advertisement as an opportunity to build on the game world and make new art.

iHunt RPG: Intro Fiction

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A few days ago I was talking about how game text should say three important things with every bit. Since I’m knee-deep in words and layout right now, instead of doing another long-winded blog post, I thought I’d share an example of fiction from the #iHunt RPG that I think says a lot about the game.  One problem I have with a lot of game fiction is that it really… Read More »iHunt RPG: Intro Fiction

#iHunt: The App, and Saying Things

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We’ve been writing and releasing these San Jenaro novels for a while. It started with Blood Flow, then #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy, then #iHunt: A Transylvanian Prince in Southern California, then #iHunt: Mayhem in Movieland, then ULTRA, we’re just about to release Reaching Out, and I’m working on #iHunt: The Chosen One. That’s a lot of fiction, right?  We’re also working on the #iHunt tabletop roleplaying game.… Read More »#iHunt: The App, and Saying Things