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San Jenaro

#iHunt Actual Play

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The Sponsored by Nobody channel has been playing a game of #iHunt, and they’ve been so kind as to share it on their channel. So you can listen to their play through to get an idea of how #iHunt works! They’ve uploaded it as a three-parter. If you want them in podcast audio format, you can download them all at Sponsored by Nobody’s podbean page. I also did a really… Read More »#iHunt Actual Play

#iHunt: Can I Play A Catgirl?

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Have you gotten your copy of #iHunt yet? #iHunt: The RPG by Machine Age Productions Okay this is a weird question, right? Or is it? I’ve now had a few people ask a variation on this question. “Olivia, can I play an anime catgirl in #iHunt?” To which the answer is… well it wasn’t designed with that in mind, but you totally can and the game supports it mechanically. This… Read More »#iHunt: Can I Play A Catgirl?

#iHunt and Bodies

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Have you gotten your copy of #iHunt yet? It’s currently the top of the charts in the physical games category on Itch. #iHunt: The RPG by Machine Age Productions It’s #1 in small press and #3 overall on DrivethruRPG. It’s even a Silver tier seller! I wanted to talk briefly about bodies, and representation. #iHunt is meant as a very inclusive game. That’s on the agenda from page one to… Read More »#iHunt and Bodies

#iHunt: The RPG, Pain Vs Fun

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Have you gotten your copy of the #iHunt RPG yet? So far, the responses are AMAZING. I could do this all day. But I won’t. No. Today I want to talk about the biggest point of contrast in #iHunt. Pain Vs Fun #iHunt is a game about poverty, about the crushing weight of capitalism, and about struggling to get by. Yet, #iHunt is meant to be fun. How the fuck’s… Read More »#iHunt: The RPG, Pain Vs Fun


It’s been a long, long path. But now, the #iHunt RPG is live for sale. It’s 328 pages of pure love. It has some new Lana fiction. It has a full rules system based on Fate Core. It has advice for how to run a game about poverty when you’ve never been poor. It’s got it all. You can buy #iHunt through You can also buy it at DrivethruRPG.… Read More »#iHunt: The RPG NOW LIVE FOR SALE!

A Little #iHunt Fiction From The RPG

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I am THIS close to releasing #iHunt: The RPG. In fact, it’ll be out this week most likely. I just have a couple of last-minute things to shore up. But in the mean time, I wanted to share a short teaser snippet of some fiction from the book. Vampires aren’t the worst.  That’s it. That’s the tweet. They’re not the worst.  With werewolves, one little scratch and you might end… Read More »A Little #iHunt Fiction From The RPG

#iHunt: The 101 Shit

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Here’s a little cut text from #iHunt: The RPG. We’re releasing soon, so there’s a lot of scraps that aren’t bad, but didn’t make the final pass. *** Murder. It haunts you. You wake up in cold sweats, thinking about the victims. Even the worst of them, the true villains in the world, you’ll see the look in their eyes the moment you snuffed out their life every time your… Read More »#iHunt: The 101 Shit

#iHunt Wallpapers

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I decided I wanted to do an #iHunt wallpaper as a cute little reminder when I close all my work that there’s an end product that looks pretty cool. So, I did that. And, as my partner Filamena was walking by, she said, “Some people would love that. You should share it.” That’s what I’m doing. So you can go download them here. There’s three sizes. The 1920 x 1080… Read More »#iHunt Wallpapers