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We have games, and we have fiction.

If you want to buy either directly from us, you can do so at our Payhip site.

You can get our fiction through Amazon. Here’s iHunt for example. The way Amazon author pages work though, if you click our names you’re gonna get a million things we’ve worked on throughout the years. So best if you go there for a specific thing or check the “Customers Who Bought” links at the bottom for our other novels. I’ll put a list of links at the bottom of this page.

You can get our games through DrivethruRPG as well. That link takes you to all our stuff.

Current Novels

iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy, Olivia Hill

Dead Machines, Filamena Young

#iHunt: A Transylvanian Prince in Southern California, Olivia Hill

#iHunt: Mayhem in Movieland, Olivia Hill

ULTRA, Olivia Hill

Blood Flow, Olivia Hill

Upcoming Novels

Reaching Out, Filamena Young

#iHunt: The Chosen One, Olivia Hill

Current Games

Maschine Zeit (Ghost Stories on Space Stations)

Flatpack, Fix the Future (Optimistic Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying)

Sinister Stories (Cheeky Horror in Pre Comics Code America)

(More at our Payhip.)

Upcoming Games