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#iHunt: The 101 Shit

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Here’s a little cut text from #iHunt: The RPG. We’re releasing soon, so there’s a lot of scraps that aren’t bad, but didn’t make the final pass. *** Murder. It haunts you. You wake up in cold sweats, thinking about the victims. Even the worst of them, the true villains in the world, you’ll see the look in their eyes the moment you snuffed out their life every time your… Read More »#iHunt: The 101 Shit

#iHunt Wallpapers

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I decided I wanted to do an #iHunt wallpaper as a cute little reminder when I close all my work that there’s an end product that looks pretty cool. So, I did that. And, as my partner Filamena was walking by, she said, “Some people would love that. You should share it.” That’s what I’m doing. So you can go download them here. There’s three sizes. The 1920 x 1080… Read More »#iHunt Wallpapers

#iHunt Shirts

I’ve had a few people request #iHunt RPG t-shirts. So, I thought I’d accommodate. As with all our t-shirt stuff, if you’d rather go through a local independent printer, reach out to us, and for a small Paypal tip, I’ll toss you the high-resolution design files. There’s a lot of options here, a lot of colors. I recommend going for the more neon colors, but it works on black, white,… Read More »#iHunt Shirts

#iHunt. Think Poor.

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#iHunt is a game about the working poor. I can’t expect everyone to understand the unique issues the working poor face, so here’s an example of the type of advice you’ll see in the book.

#iHunt’s New Cover

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The other day I revealed the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG. So far, it’s getting a killer reception! I’m so glad you all like it. As I announced, I’m also updating all the old books to coincide with the RPG’s release, so they all look similar. I just got done updating the page for #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy, and I wanted to share it with… Read More »#iHunt’s New Cover

#iHunt: The Cover

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I wanted to share the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG.

#iHunt Character Creation Rules

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Have you seen the #iHunt scrapbook/selfie contest? You can enter EVERY DAY for a bigger chance to win a $25 gift card. I’ve had a few people ask about actually making characters for #iHunt. I’ve been talking a lot about the process, and the selfie system I posted yesterday is how you advance a character. But how do you actually make one? Look no further. You can actually make… Read More »#iHunt Character Creation Rules

Through Cracks Storytelling

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Filamena wrote an essay about her upcoming fiction experiment, Rising Palms Apartments as 12 Floors.

The Trajectory of Humanity and Capitalist Realism: AKA, The #iHunt Core Rules

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First off: We’re on Patreon. Want more awesome design blogging like this? You should be on the Patreon. You’ll also get cool weird stuff every month. I’ve been play testing and fucking with the #iHunt rules. They were on their third major iteration. The first was a weird thing that I can barely remember. The second was closer to a traditional adventure game like D&D and World of Darkness. The… Read More »The Trajectory of Humanity and Capitalist Realism: AKA, The #iHunt Core Rules