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It’s been a long, long path. But now, the #iHunt RPG is live for sale. It’s 328 pages of pure love. It has some new Lana fiction. It has a full rules system based on Fate Core. It has advice for how to run a game about poverty when you’ve never been poor. It’s got it all.

You can buy #iHunt through

You can also buy it at DrivethruRPG.

Zine Supplements

Going forward, we’re going to support #iHunt with monthly “zine” supplements. These will be about 16-20 pages. To get these, subscribe to our Patreon at any level. In fact, you can go over there right now and pick up the first one completely for free! No sign-up or anything. It’s called Moving On Up, and it’s about promotions and class mobility in #iHunt. The second one’s going to be a Witcher-inspired medieval fantasy setting.

Sales and Print

For the sake of transparency, I receive about 90% of sales on, and 65% of sales on DrivethruRPG.

Either way you buy it, once it goes live for print (which will take a few months probably because holy shit is it an intensive job and mailing proof copies to Japan takes forever) I will give you a $25 off coupon for the print version.

You’re gonna want this.

For the coming weeks, I’m going to be collecting reports of typos and errata requests. You can report them here. I really want to make sure the book is as polished as possible before I do the final print version, so help out!