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November 2019

#iHunt Wallpapers

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I decided I wanted to do an #iHunt wallpaper as a cute little reminder when I close all my work that there’s an end product that looks pretty cool. So, I did that. And, as my partner Filamena was walking by, she said, “Some people would love that. You should share it.” That’s what I’m doing. So you can go download them here. There’s three sizes. The 1920 x 1080… Read More »#iHunt Wallpapers

#iHunt Shirts

I’ve had a few people request #iHunt RPG t-shirts. So, I thought I’d accommodate. As with all our t-shirt stuff, if you’d rather go through a local independent printer, reach out to us, and for a small Paypal tip, I’ll toss you the high-resolution design files. There’s a lot of options here, a lot of colors. I recommend going for the more neon colors, but it works on black, white,… Read More »#iHunt Shirts