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#iHunt: The Cover

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Before I get started, have you taken part in the #iHunt Selfie Contest? It has like 100 entries so far, and some are outstanding! You can scroll through the #iHunt hashtag on Twitter to see some truly amazing work. I really want to highlight this one though, from Chris Falco. It’s a work-in-progress visual novel scrapbook! You can download it for Mac, PC, and Linux, and it’s AMAZING.

But, the thing I really wanted to show all of you. I’ve been toiling and stressing about the cover for the #iHunt RPG. And, well, I have it. Finally.

I wanted a cover that delivers action, monsters, modern internet culture, the occult, California, and companionship. So this is it. I think it hits on all those points fairly well.

As an added bonus, I’m going to be re-releasing the San Jenaro books with new covers to coordinate with the look and feel of the RPG. Here’s a taste in the form of Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy’s new cover: