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#iHunt Character Creation Rules

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Have you seen the #iHunt scrapbook/selfie contest? You can enter EVERY DAY for a bigger chance to win a $25 gift card.

I’ve had a few people ask about actually making characters for #iHunt. I’ve been talking a lot about the process, and the selfie system I posted yesterday is how you advance a character. But how do you actually make one? Look no further. You can actually make your #iHunt character now, in preparation for the final release. If you make a character, especially if you work with your gaming group to make characters together, I want to see it! Tag @machineageinc on Twitter. Tag it #iHunt so the world can see. For an indie game like #iHunt, you are the marketing department. If you want to see this game blow up, it’s gonna take your help. The momentum of fan-made material and that visibility is invaluable.

Here’s a chunk of about 70 pages from the book (don’t worry, it’s text-light for the most part.) It’s everything you need to create a character.

Here’s a form-fillable PDF character sheet you can use! It’s by the wonderful Francita Soto, member of the San Jenaro Co-Op, and all-around awesome person. Actually, check out her amazing scrapbook for the contest, and check out that glitter blood:

I have so much more to share already! There’s already a foundation for a visual novel as a scrapbook entry! I’m so excited to see what you all come up with.