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#iHunt: Selfies Contest

Long time, no blog.

Since we’ve last spoken, I’ve settled on the final iteration of the #iHunt rules. If you haven’t been following our progress, I’ve settled on a modified version of Fate Core, geared heavily toward our specific economic horror needs.

One thing I really wanted to share with you though is our advancement system. We call it “selfies.” Basically, it’s a way of formalizing and codifying experiences your character goes through in the story, but you do it in the form of a scrapbook. This could be a real, literal scrapbook. It could just be a list on paper. It could be an Instagram account dedicated to your character. But, it’s a collection of unique experiences.

Actually, what am I doing telling you about it? Why don’t I just share some of the final text from the book. Go here, download this PDF. It’s just eight pages, which are pretty image-heavy, so not a ton of reading.


WE WANT TO SEE YOUR SELFIES. So, we’re doing a little contest. It’s a two-week contest, so from now until October 5th. We want to see a character scrapbook using this simple system. Clearly you don’t need to actually play and earn them in-game, but you have to, you know, make cool shit.

Here’s the rules. I’m going to draw randomly based on a raffle system. Here’s how you get entries:

  • Follow @machineageinc on twitter (mandatory) for 3 entries.
  • Tweet the official contest link, tagged #iHunt and @machineageinc (once per day) for 1 entry per post.
  • Tweet a “text selfie” tagged #iHunt and @machineageinc (once per day) for 3 entries per post. That’s just a name and event synopsis for your fake hunter’s life.
  • Tweet a “photo selfie” tagged #iHunt and @machineageinc (once per day) for 5 entries per post. That’s a photo, name, and event synopsis for your fake hunter’s life. We’ve provided a Photoshop template to do it like a cool Polaroid style selfie like the samples in the book, with some washi tape and sticky tabs already there. Instructions for that below.
  • Note: Gotta make sure you tag them #iHunt and @machineageinc so I’m sure to see them. I’ll probably repost most of them, depending on how many we get.

What are you waiting for? Go here to start entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be chosen after the contest, and will receive a $25 DrivethruRPG gift certificate.

Photoshop Selfie Template

Here’s our selfie template. You don’t have to use it, but it’s a fun and easy resource if you want to. It’s really easy to use. It’s designed with Photoshop, but there’s a free software called PhotoPea you can use in your browser to do this. Basically, you need to go into the layers panel, and go to the “Photo (Smart Object)” layer. Double-click it to open it. Put in your photo and center it how you’d like. Then save that file, and it should show up in the main image, stuck right in the middle of the Polaroid style frame.

You can then fuss with the other layers on top, where there’s some tape and sticky tabs and stuff, or add your own stickers and play with it!

Full disclosure: The point of this is partly to get visibility to #iHunt, partly to get followers on the Machine Age twitter, and also to retweet cool stuff. So, we’ll reshare your character “selfies.” We may post them here on the blog.

If You Do A Physical Scrapbook!

Just post photos. That shit’s hard work. So post a photo every day of the same scrapbook to do daily entries. No judgment here! I would LOVE to see at least one or two cool physical scrapbooks or poster boards or whatever cool shit you come up with.