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September 2019

#iHunt’s New Cover

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The other day I revealed the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG. So far, it’s getting a killer reception! I’m so glad you all like it. As I announced, I’m also updating all the old books to coincide with the RPG’s release, so they all look similar. I just got done updating the page for #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy, and I wanted to share it with… Read More »#iHunt’s New Cover

#iHunt: The Cover

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I wanted to share the cover for the upcoming #iHunt RPG.

#iHunt Character Creation Rules

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Have you seen the #iHunt scrapbook/selfie contest? You can enter EVERY DAY for a bigger chance to win a $25 gift card. I’ve had a few people ask about actually making characters for #iHunt. I’ve been talking a lot about the process, and the selfie system I posted yesterday is how you advance a character. But how do you actually make one? Look no further. You can actually make… Read More »#iHunt Character Creation Rules