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#iHunt: The Kinks and Layout

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I showed off the Evileenas and the Knights before, right?

Well, I’ve been working on the game’s general design. I realized I wasn’t pleased with a lot of it, because I was just doing what I felt “games are supposed to look like.” And, frankly, that’s so much bullshit and not even remotely what I’m interested in.

So I’ve been redrafting a lot of the layout and graphic design to make it very much #iHunt, very much its own thing. I’m experimenting with presentation. Remember how I said only bad games have “fluff” and “crunch?” Well, why shouldn’t that also apply to the visual presentation? To me, if the presentation of the text doesn’t say anything about the game, help to evoke a feeling, or make the player think a little bit, it’s space and time wasted.

The most pronounced example I can give is the four Kinks, the Evileenas, the Knights, the Phooeys, and The 66. Their material in the book is really sixteen pages. Each one gets a four page spread. The basic method is like such:

  1. Evocative Visuals
  2. Intro to the Group
  3. Examples of How They Work
  4. Their Kink Asset (basically their unique ability)

I haven’t finished all sixteen pages, because a lot of it has to do with stuff I’ve not written in other chapters yet. But, I’m going to share the first two pages of each Kink, including all four pages of the Evileenas Kink.

Hopefully, you can get a sense of identity and style for each of them. Which are you most eager to see more on?