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Dead Machines Side Stories!

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Have you read Dead Machines, Filamena’s novel about giant robots, ghosts, motherhood, and empathy? You should.

She wrote two standalone novellas in that same universe, with some of the same characters, and we’ve just put them up on Payhip and

Ghost Story

After the Great War, millions were left planetless. A migrant population finds their way to a mysterious terraformed planet with strange history. This is the story of two men among that population as they try to secure an important facility on the surface. It’s about friendship, the cold, and learning to live with ghosts. 

Ghost Story is told to the reader by Io Suta, a Mech pilot and hero of Dead Machine, the first story in this series.

You can get Ghost Story on Payhip or at

Until She Wakes

Io Suto is a mobile suit pilot, one of the best left alive since the war. She and her small team helped a population of 40,000 migrants and refugees land on a mysterious terraformed planet one star system over from Sol and the destruction there. 

You can read some of her stories in Until She Wakes, a novelette telling the events that lead to Io finding her vanguard mobile suit. It’s a story about violence, giant robots, and radical empathy.

You can get Until She Wakes on Payhip or