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Hunter Crew: The San Filipe Stake and Shake

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I wanted to introduce you to a crew of hunters we provide as an example in the character creation section, just to give you an idea of what a group might look like.

I know I haven’t introduced all four of the main Kinks yet. We talked about Knights and Evileenas before. But for now, this is what you should know:
Evileenas are the info nerds. They hunt with knowledge.
Knights are fighters. They win by kicking the most ass.
Phooeys are tech wizards. They fight with tools.
The 66 fights with communities. They know people.

The San Filipe Stake and Shake

Frank, Phoebe, Thelma, and Shaky live on the road with their puppy named Groovy. They’re technically a band even though nobody really shows up for their shows. They get a few bucks from every tour stop, do an #iHunt contract, and move on to the next city. Even though their songs all sound the same and Shaky can’t keep a beat, they’ve become expert occult investigators and living in an old conversion van means no rent.


Frankie: The gang’s Phooey. She’s a car guy. Van guy? Van girl? She keeps the van souped up and running strong, with a silver-plated bumper custom-designed for werewolf slaying.


Phoebe: The gang’s KNIGHT. Her dad was an army tactician, and she takes after dear old dad even if she was the family black sheep. She makes the gang fight like a well-oiled machine.


Shaky: The gang 66. He saved Groovy from a life as a drug-sniffing dog, and he’s deeply invested in safe drug culture.


Thelma: The gang Evileena. She’s a mousy nerd by day, and a mousy nerd who casts spells you can only cast under moonlight by night.

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