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Interview About The Vampires?

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Olivia here. So, Jon Garrad with the Manchester Game Study Network is doing an in-depth take on Vampire: The Masquerade. As part of this process, he talked to as many Vampire adjacent developers as possible. I did extensive work on Vampire: The Requiem, and I was the developer for Vampire The Dark Ages: 20th Anniversary Edition. So, he thought to talk to me.

It was fun to consider Vampire, its implications, and how it integrated the Gothic-Punk aesthetic into its gameplay. Of course, my years working on Vampire and the other White Wolf game properties heavily influenced my design sensibilities, and were part of an evolution that leads us into #iHunt.

So, go read me rant about vampires. Then when you’re done, the next interview in the series is with Justin Achilli, who is one of my biggest influences as a game designer. You should read that, too.