Reaching Out: A San Jenaro Urban Folktale

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We have a new novel you should be reading! Let me tell you about Filamena’s new book, Reaching Out:

Molly does good work. She grew up seeing ghosts and experiencing crippling empathy. So she does the good work of easing spirits and soothing broken families. But the good work doesn’t come easy, not in a dangerous, monster-filled city like San Jenaro.
When her friends in the cemetary start going missing, and her clients soon follow, it’s up to Molly to find the missing spirits.
Will the strange punk rock boy ghost she met at a bus stop help her, distract her, or make matters worse? Will her radical witch ex-girlfriend accept her as she is, or abandon her for not practicing the same sorts of craft? Will her familial ghosts, both literal and figurative drag her down or remind her of why she does what she does? And most of all, will Molly find the strength to keep doing the good work, or will she be punished for Reaching Out?
Included in this book is the free novella #iHunt Some Guy, by Olivia Hill. Follow frustrated millennial monster hunter Lana as she takes out a terrifying serial killer as a favor for Molly. Then her day really goes bad.

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