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Character Kink 2: Evileenas

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The other day we shared the first of the four core book Kinks, the Knights. There’s a weird reason they’re called Knights. In fact, all four of the main Kinks have names with sort of weird backstories.

I think that’s another blog post, though.

The second Kink? They’re called Evileenas.

I imagine you understand that they also have a very weird name origin. Anyway, where Knights fight with physical badassery, overwhelming tactics, or whatever, Evileenas fight with knowledge. If you want to do library montages in your #iHunt games, you probably want to play an Evileena.

Here you go:


If the embedder doesn’t work, here’s a Dropbox link.

So there’s the first two of four. We’ll get to sharing the other two, Phooeys and The 66 sooner than later.