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What’s Your Kink, 1: The Knights

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We have character types, the way a lot of games do. We call them “Kinks.” You’ll understand that soon enough.

But here’s the first sample Kink. They’re the Knights.


It should more or less make sense how this works. There’s a bit where we provide three sample areas of expertise, the Operative, the Hitter, and the Player. Then we provide three sample character backgrounds. Then we talk about some of the weak spots for these hunters. Then we give some common views of monsters for hunters of this persuasion. Then we talk about how they work with the other Kinks generally. Last off, there’s an ability they get which isn’t written yet so right now it’s just filler text.

There’s also a piece of character art, which is the, um, part that looks like pictures not words? There’s also a playlist, but that’s sort of an easter eggy thing, because it’s positioned in such a way that it’s not necessarily easy to read.

If the pdf embedder thing doesn’t work, here’s a Dropbox link.

We’ve posted the second, the Evileenas. You should check them out.