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iHunt RPG: Intro Fiction

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A few days ago I was talking about how game text should say three important things with every bit. Since I’m knee-deep in words and layout right now, instead of doing another long-winded blog post, I thought I’d share an example of fiction from the #iHunt RPG that I think says a lot about the game. 

One problem I have with a lot of game fiction is that it really doesn’t address the reality of play. So the chapter introduction fiction pieces in #iHunt are really meant to capture the core loop of gameplay, and hit home on what the game is supposed to feel like. 

So let’s meet our as-of-yet-unnamed protagonist as she gets brought in on the hunt by her friend Elaine. I don’t think I need to break down what this says for the game itself. I hope it speaks for itself.


Like what you’re reading? Want to read more free #iHunt fiction? I have a free novella you can download right now. It’s called #iHunt Frankenstein’s Monster (Sort Of) (But Not Really.) You can get it here.